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The experience of three generations has taught us what our strengths are. We encourage know-how, efficiency and teamwork. Together with our customers we look for optimal solutions to fulfill all requirements on our side.

1952 | Carl Meiser GmbH & Co. KG was founded by day- and nightwear manufacturer Carl Meiser. Under the direction of Mr. Dieter Meiser and Mrs. Ingrid Riedinger the company became a systems supplier for major retail companies in the German-speaking area. A fully integrated production (design, surface generation, dyeing, finishing, cutting, tailoring and warehouse management) made for high flexibility and delivery reliability.

1990 | The change in textile procurement market in the early 1990s obliged the company to reinvent themselves radically. Downsizing and identification of new market segments formed the foundation of successful continuity for Dieter Meiser.

1995 | With the entry of Mrs. Catrin Riedinger the company was transformed into a contract service provider for dying / finishing of high quality lingerie customers. At the same time the division coated technical textiles was founded with manufacturing the first automotive product.

1999 | It quickly became clear that technical textiles based on coating could only be achieved with customized solutions. From 1999 the company starts the development and realization of its own coating technologies.

2005 | With the entry of Mr. Jens Meiser the new division Meiser- Know How in Textiles was reorganized to become a service supplier. The nopma division then starts to be treated as an independent division and to expand largely. The basic principles of KAIZEN and KVPs are comprehended by the company and develop to become the base of efficient product and process development.

2010 | Patents on manufacturing procedures as well as certifications in terms of quality management ISO 9001 and resource management following bluesign® document the achievements in professionalism. The development of new markets in the aviation, automotive, protection, caravan, furniture and other industries lets the company develop to be an innovative, solid and reliable partner to our customers. Concurrent investments in machine development, high-tech machinery, research and laboratory capacities create the foundation for new products and customer relations.

2015 | Commissioning a new large development laboratory with all testing technologies necessary for synthetics and textiles create further potential for new innovations. At the same time the company invests in additional production surfaces and system capacities. Continuous improvement processes  and the motivation to always optimize added value for customers are crucial to our philosophy and actively implemented in our corporate culture.

2016 | Investment in an additional high-tech production line to manufacture our nopma technical textiles. Implementation of our first series production deliveries directly into the NAFTA economic area.

2017 | Update of our central energy supply to add thermal recovery and to reduce emissions. Complete modernisation and technological upgrade of our BM2 coating line. 25th anniversary in the area of our Öko-Tex environmental management certification. Successful implementation of our new ERP management system in the area of Meiser know-how in textiles.

2018 | Reconstruction of the power plant and replacement of the provisional arrangements after the fire damage at the end of 2017. Start of construction of the innovation and technology center with production expansion.

2020 | Commissioning of the innovation and technology center in combination with the expansion of the production area. Construction of a production facility for protective textiles in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2021 | Expansion of the product segments in the field of sustainable textile coatings and resource efficiency.

2023 | Expansion of photovoltaic installations on all buildings. Additional installation of a large façade photovoltaic system.

2024 | Investment and commissioning of two more innovative drying machines. These are both equipped with highly efficient heat recovery. In addition, a system with heat pump heating is being designed.  


Our self-conception:

Meiser self-conception

Investing in the future

We invest in the future with the support of the programme - INVEST BW

Project | Technology development PVTEX

Carl Meiser GmbH&Co.KG develops and produces technical textiles that are subjected to plastic-based coating processes. The resulting combined materials have innovative product properties. By promoting the development of a new technology platform, textiles can be produced for the efficient use of energy and will contribute to the energy turnaround. New products and markets are to be developed from this technology platform and further growth generated.

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Through years of cooperation we know the value of reliable partners. Together we have the ideal potential to develop future markets and to serve them in the long run.

We are delighted to welcome you and your products in this community!

Our purchasing department acquires the following main groups:

  • Raw materials (PVC, heating oil, polyurethanes)
  • Dyestuffs (disperse dye, reactive dye, pigment)
  • Gray fabric (knitted fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics)
  • Auxiliary material
  • Foils and packaging (i.e. one-way pallets)
  • Locksmith necessities
  • Textile machines and coating machines
  • Other

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Career – Internships, Bachelor's and Master's theses, working students


Vocational Training

Are you looking for a job with a promising future and career opportunities? We offer a three-year apprenticeship program for textile product finishers, which starts every year in September.


  • German Realschulabschluss or a graduate German Hauptschulabschluss
  • Interest in production, equipment, computer and working with a motivated team



  • As a textile product finisher you need additional knowledge about physical and textile-chemical processes of the product finishing procedures.
  • You will learn how to apply dyestuff and coating agents with the equipment alone and with a team.
  • You will learn how to supervise and record the processes and adjust the equipment using computer controls.


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Internship and Bachelor Thesis

he internship will give a first insight into the textile production. It addresses especially students who think about going through vocational training to become a textile product finisher. Together with the student we will set the duration of the internship, which can be anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

The goal of a Bachelor Thesis is to compile practical and theoretical facts of the subject, draw conclusions for future actions and possibly come up with innovative measures. We constantly work together with colleges and universities and offer the option to work on a Bachelor Thesis within our company. Next to working on specific subjects you have the opportunity to gather extensive experience in a textile production company.

Right now we offer the following subjects for Bachelor Thesis:

  • Weight optimized textile floor covers for aviation industry
  • Coatings on fabrics for heat production
  • Applied planning and support of the implementation of a ERP Software solution for purchase order processing
  • Optimization of the supply chain from customer to customer
  • Power saving in shrink-drying process


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We always offer positions for working students. Apply to us on your own initiative.

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